Cheaters In The Division Will Be Dealt With

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According to Ubisoft, cheaters in The Division will be dealt with in a way that it will the game fair on all side, and not have hackers ruin the game. Some men just want to watch the world burn. It appears this does not stop to creating actual chaos in the world, but it’s apparent in video games as well. It’s supposed to be a fun activity, but there are always bad apples.

Unfortunately, hackers have been a problem in gaming since its beginning. Today, there are severe issues in highly competitive games such as CounterStrike: Global Offensive. It’s one of the biggest games today that has turned to having its own professional league and competitions. And yet, the hackers are still running rampant over the servers, along with a few of them even in official competitions.

One would hope that there are competitive multiplayer games out there that will be spared of their incessant pestering and non-nonsensical raging because, at the end of the day, they’re just there to ruin everyone else’s fun. It seems that Tom Clancy’s The Division has seen such issues in its recently ended closed beta. Ubisoft’s game has apparently seen to great success in terms of user feedback. It has seen some flaws, but every beta has them. And, for a Ubisoft game, it has exceeded expectations in terms of gameplay problems. Most gamers will not forget Assassin’s Creed Unity and its highly-anticipated multiplayer and what Ubisoft put them through.

However, problems with hackers in closed beta will be reportedly addressed until the game’s official launch on March 8th of this year. Specifically, this has been a problem on PC. Ubisoft has stated that they’re aware of the problem and are working on a solution. What that will be, however, remains disclosed.

During the closed beta, gamers might’ve encountered a cheater that managed to manipulate game files in order to offer themselves huge advantages. This included unlimited health, ammunition, med kits, higher critical chance, and no recoil. Essentially, management of all those stats is the core of the competitive game. And they were all manipulated by hackers.

Reportedly, this was done due to the fact that all those features are managed by the game’s client installed on user computers. This allows hackers freedom to alter them, and all that information is send back to Ubisoft’s servers, which do not perform a check for accuracy. That allows hackers to play with cheats, which takes away any charm of the game.

However, it’s good news perhaps that they showed their cards so early in the game. Ubisoft will have time until the game’s launch to test out their changes and see if there are still hackers slipping through. Furthermore, the rumored open beta to come on February 16th might be a good time to test out some initial security measures.

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