Scientists Are Wondering If Cesareans Affect Evolution

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A team of scientists conducted a study so as to determine if cesareans have modified evolution.

A team of scientists has conducted a study so as to determine if cesareans have been changing the evolution of our species as humanity is constantly evolving.

The study was carried out by a team of University of Vienna, Austria researchers. It was led by the Department of Theoretical Biology assistant professor, Philipp Mitteroecker.

Their study results were published earlier this week, on December 5, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

Their research gave birth to a new theory, which states as follows. Evolution led to both larger newborns and smaller female pelvises.

According to the researchers, a constant rise in Cesareans may potentially lead to an even larger difference in between the two birth factors.

Their estimates showed that the rise in such practices may have led to a 10 to 20 percent gap increase between a newborn’s size and their mother’s pelvis.

Mitteroecker, the study lead, went to explain the results. The doctor pointed out that evolution is not a thing of the past as humanity is currently and constantly changing.

But in spite of this fact, a woman’s pelvis bone structure has remained small even as the average newborn baby size has increased.

According to Mitteroecker, one theory claims that the structure’s size has not changed as it is necessary for maintaining walking on two feet.

However, he also points out that empirical evidence to support this claim is quite lacking. As such, more research would have to be carried out.

Such research would probably target to find out why the respective structure has stayed the same.

The new study carried out by the team of researchers based some of its results on a mathematical model.

Based on the mathematical model, which was created by them, research seemed to determine that the babies’ growth ensured our survival rates.

As such, the model seemed to point out that evolution led to bigger babies as they had higher chances of surviving infancy and becoming adults.

The study lead stated that medical data also drew attention to this fact. Bigger newborns were also noticed to be less affected by the various diseases.

Their research also took into account Cesareans, a practice which has been around for centuries. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, cesarean birth surgeries are hundreds of years old. Back then, they were mostly used on dead or dying mothers so as to save the babies.

Cesareans have all but caused controversies on their own. As the number of such surgeries was seen to have increased, 1 out of every 3 births is estimated to be a C-Sec.

Studies have been made so as to prove or contradict the advantages or disadvantages of such practices. As the matter still holds and a consensus has not been reached, the new study introduces a new variable.

The aforementioned Mitteroecker has pointed out that a number of contributing factors are hard to determine.

As the pelvis-baby size gap has most likely increased, it is possible that it will continue increasing. However, the doctor admits that it is difficult to foresee the future.

Although he doesn’t believe that all future babies will be delivered through Cesareans, their study results seem to predict that natural birth will become more difficult.

Image Source: Pixabay