Cancer Risk Reduced by Healthy Lifestyle

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A balanced diet, regular exercise, all part of a healthy lifestyle might get your cancer risk reduced by over 45%, says new review study.

A balanced diet,  regular exercise, all part of a healthy lifestyle might get your cancer risk reduced by over 45%, says new review study. The study found that those who follow guidelines for preventing cancer, such as increased physical activity and a healthier diet are nearly 61% less likely to die, even if they get cancer.

Researchers saw a reduced risk for cancer and lower death rates for cancer sufferers if they followed specific guidelines for cancer prevention.

The study found that living healthy could reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 23%, colon cancer by 27% and breast cancer by 19%.

Other studies have found a link between obesity and cancer. The majority of guidelines are there to prevent obesity.

With that in mind, cancer statistics still look dire. 1.7 million new cancer cases are expected in the US alone,  with almost 600,000 deaths expected to be caused by this disease in 2016.

Drinking too much, eating junk food and carrying weight, along with having an inactive lifestyle, are the main factors for 20% of cancers, scientists found.

The above-mentioned health guidelines are based on the information we’ve got on lowering the risk of cancer so far.  A study found that for each recommendation followed, a person’s risk of cancer decreased by 11%.  For example, exercising and eating right could account for a 22% decrease in the risk while exercising alone would lower the risk by 11%.

Even though these guidelines greatly reduce the risk of cancer, some cancers are more aggressive than others and therefore sometimes the response is minimal. The study found that ovarian, lung or prostate cancers don’t seem to respond to these guidelines as well as other, less aggressive cancers.

However, these lifestyle changes could help you reduce heart disease and improve your health, so those are added benefits.

Overall, you will improve your life if you follow a few simple rules, such as a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle.

Even though environmental factors and family history play a role in cancer mortality and incidence, following the recommendations would lead to a healthier life and reduce the risk of getting sick. It is in your power to reduce your cancer risk by staying fit and following the guidelines.

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