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Harvey Weinstein at the Time 100 gala in New York.

Weinstein Co. Avoids Bankruptcy By Reigniting Sale Deal

Weinstein Co. Avoids Bankruptcy By Reigniting Sale Deal

Movie production company, The Weinstein Co, managed to reignite sale talks with a group of investors who want to convert the disgraced film studio into a female-led venture. After an arduous process, businesswoman, Maria Contreras- Sweet, announced on Thursday that a deal has finally been reached for the investor group she and billionaire, Ron Burkle,

medical marijuana industry

Medical Marijuana Industry to Start its Journey

  The medical marijuana industry is going to get approval next week for applications submitted by potential patients, growers, and distributors. Starting with Friday, the state Medical Marijuana Commission will accept applications from those who want to start growing or supplying medical marijuana. The Health Department will accept applications from all applicants who want to


Waze Expands Its Carpooling Services to All California

Waze, the Google-owned navigation app, started offering carpooling services in Israel and Northern California more than a year ago. Now, they announced they would bring these services all over California starting with June 6th. Waze carpooling started in Israel and the Bay Area Initially, Waze will bring the carpooling services to San Diego and Los

movie theater filled with people

Trumpland Side Effects: More People Are Going to the Cinema

According to Box Office Mojo, more people are going to the movies this year than in the last decade. Hollywood thinks it’s because of the all the box office hits it released while business analysts believe it’s the Trump effect. No matter the reason why Americans are flooding movie theaters, one thing is for sure,

china speed railway map

China Is Planning To Expand Its Speed Railway

China has announced that it is planning to expand its speed railway network as it would lead to an infrastructure and economy growth as well as cross-country connectivity. In recent years, China has been one of the top players. With developments in both industry and infrastructure, the country can be considered amongst the global superpowers.