Buddy Walk Raises Awareness For Down Syndrome

Buddy Walk happens every year

Buddy Walk raises money for those who suffer from Down Syndrome.

Help other people and join walkers on Saturday, October 1 for the 12th Bergen Buddy Walk in different places in the United States. All you have to do is to registration and then walk with others to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Thousands of people are expected to participate in this event, which has more participants every year.

The Buddy Walk participants will also be able to enjoy some live music, see a lot of exhibits and learn more information about what the Down Syndrome means. Moreover, there will be games, prizes, and food for everyone. If you want to be involved, you will have to pay 10 dollars for an adult, 5 dollars for a child. This price includes a t-shirt, lunch and access to all events regarding the Buddy Walk. You can also donate if you want to and all the money will go to people who are suffering from the Down Syndrome.

This walk has more goals to achieve. First of all, to promote acceptance of people who have this syndrome. Moreover, they want to raise funds for education, research and special programs. Another important thing is to raise awareness for the Down Syndrome and make people pay more attention to those who are suffering from it.

Thousands of people from the United States have Down Syndrome. It is a unusual chromosomal arrangement that causes intellectual and physical problems to those who are born with it.  The average IQ  of an adult who suffers from Down Syndrome is 50, while a normal person should have more than 80.

What is really interesting is that the parents of the baby who is born with this disease are normal. The extra chromosome happens by random chance and doctors still, do not why this happening. You can find out if your child will have the Down Syndrome by taking a prenatal screening. There is no treatment for this disease. However, education and care can improve the lives of those who suffer from this disease. There a lot of people who manage to have normal lives because they had the chance to be educated in special schools.

The most important thing is that parents need to do something when the child is still little because it is easier for him to improve his life and learn all the things he should know. The therapy is expensive for some people and they need help.

Image source: Noahsdad.com