Breast and Uterine Cancers Are Linked

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Now, proof that uterine and breast cancers are linked emerges.

According to a new study, women who have a specific gene mutation, BRCA 1, are at high risk of uterine cancer. This gene mutation is also infamous for increasing the risk of ovarian and breast cancers. Now, proof that uterine and breast cancers are linked emerges.

This new study is the first one to find a link between the gene mutation and the increase of having an aggressive type of cancer of the uterus.Experts looked at information from over 1,000 US and Uk women with BRCA1 or BRCA2.

Their state of health was screened for an average of five years. The BRCA2 mutation was also found to raise the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. During the screening period, eight women in this study group were diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, a rate similar to the general population.

On the other hand, five of the cancers found were less common and very aggressive types, known as serious endometrial cancers. The study concluded that four of these cancers were associated with the BRCA1 mutation.Study author Dr. Kauff Noah says the team was shocked when they interpreted the information. This unfortunate event normally occurs much less often and should not have been present in a study group of only 600.

The study got published by an on-line Oncology Journal. The conclusions could help women who have the BRCA 1 mutation and their physicians to make the right choices in treatment. The information suggests that for women who don’t want to have children, it may be beneficial to remove their uterus, alongside with their fallopian tubes and ovaries.

For women who have already removed their breasts, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, the health benefit of another uterus surgery is unclear, experts believe. Dr. Kauff believes that more research needs to be done to see whether a 5% risk of aggressive uterine cancer is enough to justify potential complications and costs of a second surgery.

Meanwhile, in California’s Newport Beach, about 100 breast cancer survivors and supporters formed a human pink ribbon. Orange County is holding its 25th anniversary of the Race for the Cure fundraiser, totaling  1.76 million $ just last year.

Breast cancer is the second most frequent cancer in women, after skin cancer. With recent proof that uterine and breast cancers are linked, women who are at risk might want to consider their options.

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