Brad Pitt is Crushing on British Actress Ella Purnell

Brad Pitt giving an interview

It seems like famous actor Brad Pitt is finally over the painful breakup with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. He is so over it that he is reportedly trying to seduce a British actress that looks so much like Angelina that is uncanny. Her name is Ella Purnell, and it doesn’t seem to matter that she is only 21-years old, while Brad is 53.

Her name might not sound familiar, but because of her resemblance to Angelina, she played her younger version in 2014’s Maleficent. Now, Pitt has reportedly gone out of his way to cast her in his new series that will be aired on Starz, Sweetbitter.

Brad Pitt has his eyes on a young actress

He reportedly had his eyes on her for a long time, but couldn’t do anything about it. Now, when he had the chance to work with her, he couldn’t have refused. Also, it seems like Brad Pitt is not the only one crushing on Ella Purnell. The feelings might be mutual. She is reportedly extremely flattered because of all the attention the actor has been giving her. Ella even told her friends that he has always been her favorite celebrity crush. How life brings us together!

However, at the same time, it seems like Angelina Jolie is not happy at all with this situation. She doesn’t stand the idea that he is in love with an actress that played her younger version. Also, the 32-year age difference between them is bothering her. As a matter of fact, Ella is only five years older than their son Maddox, who is 16.

As for Brad, he too knows that people will look at this possible relationship as a mid-life crisis. However, he doesn’t care very much and thinks that she’s perfect for him. Actually, he supposedly has big plans for them, and it’s ready to go to the next level.

Image source: wikimedia