Boy Who Underwent Double Hand Transplant Can Now Hold a Baseball Bat

Baseball gear on the baseball field

The little boy who underwent a double hand transplant is now able to use his new hands

A 10-year-old boy was the first child to receive a double hand transplant. The surgery proved a success and, only one year later, the boy is now able to write, dress or, more importantly, to fulfill his dream to play sports. He managed to get his new hands on a baseball bat and swing it as if nothing had happened.

The boy can now act like a normal child

At the age of two, Zion Harvey suffered a dangerous sepsis infection, which led to both his hands being amputated. His legs were amputated as well, from below the knee. Fortunately, doctors were able to perform a double hand transplant on the boy.

Eighteen months ago, 40 medical experts performed an 11-hour surgery at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital and put new hands on the boy. Now, more than a year after he underwent the operation, Zion is happy to play his favorite sports, baseball and American football. Also, he can draw, write, dress, and play like any other kid his age.

After the double hand transplant, Zion had to take special therapy sessions, as well as intense rehabilitation, and learn how to use his new hands. He managed to reacquire all the movements, and is now able to perform them with even more coordination than before.

His life was threatened, so he had to have his hands amputated

The boy had a kidney disease which put his life in danger. Even after he had his hands amputated, he had to receive dialysis for two more years. Then, his mother was able to donate him a kidney. Afterwards, he had to wait for several risky years until he could receive the double hand transplant.

The operation was a success, as doctors managed to find a donor with hands of the proper size, blood group, and skin tone. Now, the boy finally managed to have a proper communication between his new hands and his brain, and can act like a normal child.
Image Source: Pixabay