Boeing Commercial CEO Is Retiring And Has Named Successor

boeing commercial ceo and factory

The Boeing Commercial CEO, Ray Conner, has announced that he will be retiring.

The Boeing Commercial CEO and President, Ray Conner, has announced that he will be retiring from his current position in the company and has already revealed the name of his successor.

Ray Conner, who is now 61 years old, has an old history with the aircraft manufacturing company. Having spent more than 40 years working in, with, and for the company, Conner started out as a 727 aircraft program mechanic.

Following his stepping down from the position of Boeing Commercial CEO, Conner will then hold the position of Vice Chairman throughout 2017.

His full retirement will come at the end of the aforementioned year, so as to ensure a smooth transition between the old and new board.

In a statement, Conner also went to thank the Puget Sound region Boeing Commercial Airplane employees for the “incredible journey”.

According to Dennis Muilenburg, the Boeing President, Chairman, and CEO, Conner’s retirement plans are a recent decision.

The new Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO is quite a surprising pick and has been raising quite some eyebrows.

Kevin McAllister, the GE Aviation executive, will be following Conner as Boeing Commercial CEO and President. The decision to fire an outsider to the company has surprised and led many to question.

This may be due to the fact that such a naming has not been since the company’s 1960’s creation.

Ray Conner has declared that over the next few months, he and the newly appointed McAllister will be working closely so as to ensure a smooth transition.

McAllister will have to be introduced to the Boeing extensive customers list, its suppliers, and also the outside stakeholder relationships.

The Boeing Commercial CEO transition will also have to take into consideration and focus on a number of other factors.

Amongst them are the continuous company operations and also the customer support commitments.

The same Conner stated that the future new CEO has asked him to maintain his implication in the current product strategies so as to continue to help the airplane company’s future.

Although new to Boeing, Kevin McAllister is not new to the aviation domain. He has been with the GE Aviation company for 27 years now.

GE Aviation is the company that produced both the engines and the various other parts needed by a Boing aircraft. McAllister has most recently been the CEO of the GE Aviation Services unit.

In a recent conference call the Boing CEO, Muilenburg, released a statement in regards to McAllister’s “outsider” status.

According to Muilenburg, the aforementioned is not really considered an outsider as due to his implication in GE Aviation.

As such, McAllister has been in close collaboration to Boeing for quite some decades now and is considered to be one of the industry’s most highly regarded executives.

Muilenburg also made another important appointment. The Boeing veteran executive, Stanley Deal, will now hold the position of Boing Global Services CEO.

The new Boing Global Services will be a newly created division that will unite other existing units such as the customer services groups.

Image Source: Wikimedia