Google Might Soon Release a Pair of Bluetooth Assistant-Equipped Headphones

Motorola Bluetooth headphones

Google might be releasing a pair of Bluetooth headphones equipped with Google Assistant

Google might be expanding its set of Assistant-equipped hardware, as several strings of code indicate the new headphones might come with this technology. Therefore, users might soon be able to benefit from the Google Assistant regarding the headphones, and control them without even touching their smartphone.

Google might introduce the home-assisted headphones

These code strings became public after an APK breakdown. Here, we can see several hints suggesting users will soon be able to hear their notifications in the headphones, as well as reply to them just by tapping some buttons present on the headset.

Apart from these buttons, there should still be another one which activates the Assistant as it is pressed. However, we cannot tell if any buttons on the headset will control the volume, or if users will be able to turn it on and off.

Will the headphones be available with a Pixel 2 smartphone?

Google might be using this technology to directly send updates to the headphones. Also, they will most probably be running the Android Wear OS. However, they might not function individually, away from a phone. Certain rumors suggest these over-the-air headphones might be made for the Pixel 2 phone.

This is a real possibility, as the device is also getting ready for a launch. Moreover, Pixel 2 is expected to be released without a headphone jack. Therefore, the headphones might be perfect for it. Even so, we cannot tell if they can be purchased together with the phone, or you will have to order them separately.

Including the headphones in the same box with the Pixel 2 phone might be a great strategy for Google. Many users are upset for no longer having a headphone jack. Therefore, getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones together with the jackless phone could be a good compensation.
Image Source: Flickr