Overwhelming Number of Blood Donors after Manchester Attack

blood donors

Many blood donors came to help the victims of the Manchester attack

The response of the public after the Manchester tragedy was overwhelming. Just 10 hours after the terrorist attack, more than 100 people willing to help gathered in front of the Blood and Transplant building on Brown Street. Usually, blood donors have to call and make an appointment before donating. Now, they rushed immediately at the blood centers to offer their help, showing that human compassion still exists.

Impressive number of blood donors

The staff said the number of people who came to donate blood is overwhelming, but they are trying to accommodate as many of them as possible. The blood stocks were high, so no hospital was in urgent need of any more blood. However, the centers decided to take the blood anyway and stock it for future emergencies.

“The blood bank only turned me away because there were literally too many people,” Meg Morgan, a student at the University of Manchester mentioned. “Manchester has a strong sense of identity as a city, and I feel like everyone wants to find a way to help.”

The Manchester Attack

The Manchester attack was caused by a suicide bomber on Monday, May 22nd, after an Ariana Grande concert. The attacker was identified, and his name is Salman Abedi. The 22-year-old detonated a homemade explosive device at 10:30 PM after the concert. The bomb was placed near the foyer of the Manchester Arena.

The suspect died at the scene along with 22 people who were near the bomb. Almost 60 other people are currently in life-threatening conditions, and 12 of them are under the age of 16. Also, among those who didn’t survive there was an 8-year-old girl. The officials don’t have any information about other suspects involved in the attack.

The UK threat level for a terrorist attack has been raised from severe to critical this Tuesday, after the Manchester attack. More than 5,000 soldiers are deployed on the streets to avoid other such incidents. The suspect is believed to have had accomplices, so the threat level will stay this way until they are found. In the last 10 years, this is the first time when the threat level is raised to critical.

Image source: Wikipedia