Blizzard Responds to Insane Overwatch League Rumors


Blizzard called the Overwatch League rumors unfounded and malicious

Several rumors indicate that Blizzard is preparing a special eSports league for Overwatch, which might turn out a bit expensive for organizations. An anonymous source suggested that Blizzard might be asking for a fee of $20 million for a place in the Overwatch League. The company responded, denying these claims and condemning them as misinformation.

Insane rumors about Overwatch League

These sources fed rumors that Blizzard might be asking for a huge fee to offer eSports teams and organizations a place among the Overwatch League. More precisely, they said that prices started at a minimum of $20 million. For bigger markets, the price could get even higher.

This is a tremendous amount of money, especially for an eSports league. The most successful eSports scene is, probably, League of Legends, which also require their teams to pay a high fee. However, they can buy franchises at much lower prices, such as $1.8 million.

Blizzard denied the rumors and assured fans everything would be at their benefit

Rumors also indicated that these Overwatch teams would not get to share any revenue until 2021. Even after that, the revenue should come only if Blizzard acquires its target, which they did not reveal. This caused many teams to abandon their pursuit of a place in Overwatch League, and many more might follow them.

These requirements are a bit insane, so Blizzard had to step up and make some official statements regarding these rumors. They dismissed them as unfounded and spreading misinformation for what they assumed as competitive reasons.

Overwatch League is scheduled for release next year, and Blizzard do not intend to reveal anything until closer to the time of the launch. However, they assured their community that the ‘ecosystem’ of the league would be healthy, accessible, and directed to their interests.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons