Blade Runner and its Large Number of Spinoffs

Blade Runner prop

While it’s true that the new Blade Runner 2049 is not yet out, this doesn’t stop the fans of this sci-fi universe from eagerly anticipating it and following every piece of news. Also, early opinions from those few who got to see the movie are suggesting that the new one is not only better than the original, but some called it a “sci-fi masterpiece”.

However, over the years, fans had the chance to satisfy their need for Blade Runner with a large number of spinoffs. Some were good, while others disappointed everyone. Warner Bros. has even released a few short clips which are set within that special universe, in anticipation for the new movie.

Blade Runner and its spinoffs

The 1982 movie was a big screen adaptation of the sci-fi novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. And as with many movies nowadays, there is the phenomenon that takes place after a book has been adapted into a movie. If it’s successfully enough, that movie adaptation will be once again adapted into a book. This happened with Blade Runner too. After the release of the original movie, a book called Blade Runner: A Story of the Future simply came into this existence, written by Les Martin. He has a long history of novelizations, and he became known mostly for his novelizations of Indiana Jones and the X-Files.

Back in 1982, Marvel fought to create a special issue of comics based on Blade Runner. And they succeeded. Critics have called it “interesting” but pretty far from that atmosphere of the movie.

As for video games, the year 1985 brought what was maybe the most bizarre video game based on a movie, in history. Blade Runner … A Video Game Interpretation of the Film Score by Vangelis is exactly what the title says. This is because publisher Computer Rentals Limited apparently didn’t have the rights for the movie, but only for the soundtrack. So, they worked with what they had. Then came the 1997 point-and-click video game, which was much better and a thrill for lovers of the adventure genre.

Image source: flickr