Black Friday Is No Longer Appealing to Customers, New Survey

"Black Friday deals"

Black Friday is not always about deals and discounts.

Retailers may be pushing a little bit too much because Black Friday is no longer appealing to customers, new survey suggests. Surveyors did not look into the factors of this new reality, but fact is, queues are now thinner than ever and shoppers are no longer anxious to discover the Black Friday deals.

Black Fridays used to have their own special spirit, but things have changed in the past years. And it isn’t that people don’t have the necessary financial means or that retailers don’t offer the beast deals, quite the opposite: companies may be pushing their offers a little bit too much.

The modern consumer is a spoiled consumer. There is a wide array of products available at all stores across the countries and retailers race each other to win customers’ hearts and wallets. Paradoxically, the more product availability there is, the less interest customers evince.

This is the explanation that surveyors have reached after interviewing randomly selected respondents on the street, on Black Friday. Shoppers no longer feel Black Friday is a special day because retailers start announcing their offers long time before the day comes.

Apparently, offering the best deals on Black Friday is not all about cutting prices, but also about satisfying consumers’ psychological needs. The present survey could be of great use to companies trying to understand psychological factors pushing consumers to actually buy products.

According to the answers they have provided, customers used to queue for hours outside of stores because they were curious to find the new Black Friday deals. Now that they already know what retailers have prepared for them, they prefer to take walks on Black Fridays and look at the crowds of people who purchase products.

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris are also to blame for this year’s lack of interest in Black Friday. Many respondents have stated that they are trying to spend less time in malls and public spaces. Their fear has doubled after they have heard that ISIS released terrorist threats for New York City and Washington D.C.

There is, however, one category of consumer, who will never miss Black Fridays. These are usually people, who give a totally new meaning to this day because they get to spend time with their friends and family. For them, it doesn’t really matter what new deals companies are offering.

The increasing lack of interest that consumers show towards Black Friday deals might be worrisome for some companies. Yet, this can be changed by simply taking into consideration the new findings of the new study. There are also social and psychological factors that companies should consider when planning their Black Friday’s offers besides the well-known discounts.

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