Recent Bill Poses Threat to Endangered Species

Siberian tigress with her cub

A new bill has been proposed that might pose more risks for the endangered species

A bill was introduced last week that may trigger the extinction of many endangered species. This bill would make government agencies no longer be required to list a species as endangered.

More precisely, the government will no longer be responsible with the listing of species as threatened or, in other words, their status will not be important anymore, even if it is at a high risk. They will no longer have a date until they must act to protect the species.

The Endangered Species Act is a concrete system that helps in the preservation of species. Species are listed in the act only on the basis of the most reliable scientific information. Therefore, only those in need of conservation end up on the list.

However, if scientists can no longer classify species from the point of view of how endangered they are, then the act becomes useless. Also, if the classification system disappears, then we will no longer know which species are at risk and which are not. This would push many species on the brink of extinction.

Some people may understand why this Endangered Species Act is so important, but others may not grasp the fact that the preservation of the threatened species is vital. Ecosystems are formed on a fragile base and everything in them is interconnected. What we depend on as humans is also dependent on other life forms that, if they disappear, might cause the food chain to collapse.

Therefore, trying to preserve species is not just an act of respect for other life forms or an act of mercy from humans to animals, it is a key element in the balance of the ecosystem. The increasing rates of extinction in several animal populations has a strong impact on us, too. Therefore, by saving them, we would be saving us.

The most important measure that should be taken right now would be to let the experts decide which species are endangered and which are not. Also, we should bring to the attention of our government that they should take care of the animals, punish those who pose a threat to endangered species and act more for their conservation.

All animals, not only the endangered species, deserve to be treated with respect and to be preserved so that we can preserve the balance of our ecosystem.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons