Bethesda E3 Announcements Summary

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The first words spoken during the much-awaited Bethesda E3 announcements were “Yes, Quake is back.” And so, a series of good news started pouring from the stage, convincing the fans that their patience was awarded.

New Elder Scrolls Game

One of the most anticipated Bethesda E3 announcements was the new Elder Scrolls game. Fans haven’t seen a new installment since Elder Scrolls online on April 4th, 2014. That particular game was poorly received by the fans of the franchise, making the pressure for Elder Scrolls Legends even bigger.

The game will be free-to-play, and it will feature a multiplayer and a single player mode. Legends will also be compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. The release date is set sometime later this 2016.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions is a highly competitive shooter built in an arena-style. During the Bethesda E3 announcements, the company mentioned that they will try to expand the e-sport support beyond the Quakecon (which is already a global event).

Quake Champions is designed for both experienced gamers that use state of the art gaming equipment (it runs with unlocked framerates) and shooter games beginners. More details about the game will be revealed in August.

A Special Edition for Skyrim

Soon enough, Xbox One and PS4 owners will be able to play the new Special Edition for Skyrim. During the conference, Bethesda showed a preview of the graphics and they looked impressive. The new lighting and water models really take advantage of the muscle of the latest generation consoles.

Bethesda VR

Next year, Fallout 4 and Doom fans will be able to play their favorite game in VR. The lucky few who attended the E3 conference were given short previews of how the games will look like in virtual reality.

Things are not quite clear when it comes to the release of the VR version of Doom, but Bethesda made it clear that Fallout 4 VR will be made available in 2017.

Elder Scrolls Online Expansion

Even though it’s one of the least popular Elder Scrolls installment, the online version just received an expansion pack dubbed Dark Brotherhood. The company also announced the “One Tamriel” update which will allow players to explore the entire Elder Scrolls world, no matter their level.

According to the company, the update is providing a service that is new in the world of mass multiplayer online games.

Dishonored 2

The Bethesda E3 announcements ended with news of Dishonored 2. Participants were shown glimpses of the gameplay, the in-game environments, and character abilities. It seems that the second part of the game is set 15 years after the first installment.

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