Best Wound Disinfectant: Saline Water

"girl cleaning wound"

Saline water is a cheap yet effective disinfectant.

Medical researchers have discovered the best wound disinfectant: saline water. The finding was discovered while researchers compared the evolution of the wounds that have been previously washed with either saline water or regular water and soap.

We learn from an early age that water and soap are the key ingredients to keep your body clean. Children are advised to wash their wounds with water and soap the moment they injure themselves to avoid infections. Little was known, however, that this method is not at all as effective as we might expect.

The recent study that researchers at the McMaster University have conducted saw the participation of 2,447 patients within 41 medical facilities. All patients presented hand or leg fractures that medical nurses had to clean. Only this time, wounds were randomly washed with water and soap or saline water.

After a year, investigators have recalled patients to see how their wounds evolved, especially after the surgeries they have performed. Their main goal: to determine which patients needed a second surgical procedure as a result of an infection and which not. The results would then be compared to the lists of patients whose wounds were disinfected with saline water or just plain water and soap.

Results have been impressive. The wounds of the patients, who were cleaned with saline water recovered completely without any infections. The rest of the patients, who were washed with soap and water presented complications as a result of post-surgical infections. Some of them even needed to undergo a second intervention.

Researchers have concluded that saline water is more efficient in disinfecting wounds and figures speak for themselves. 14.8 percent patients in the water and soap group needed a second surgical intervention, compared to the 11.6 percent persons in the saline water group.

Even though the discovery contradicts all that was previously known in relation to disinfectants, the study brings good news. Costs could be significantly reduced, especially in low-income countries by simply replacing water and soap with saline water.

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