How to Prevent Bee Populations from Declining

Honey bees

Bee populations have started recovering, but there is still a long way until they are safe

Over the past decade, the population of bees in America has declined significantly. While it has seen an improvement during last year, these creatures are still in danger of extinction. Environmental groups are currently trying to take action and save the remaining bee populations but, until then, there are small things that even regular people can do to help them survive.

Bee populations are still in danger

The Bee Informed Partnership performed a survey on the remaining bee populations and discovered that, during 2016, the US lost 33 percent of the existing bee colonies. This is a slight improvement from the previous years, when more than 40 percent of the bees disappeared. The number of perishing bees remains high, but there is still hope that they can be saved.

“Lower losses are a great start, but it’s important to remember that 33 percent is still much higher than beekeepers deem acceptable. There is still much work to do.”

What to do to help bees survive

Experts advise people to be careful with the pesticides they use if they want to protect bee populations. Their intention might not be to kill bees, but some substances cannot tell which insects are parasitic and which are beneficial. Therefore, avoid using pesticides with neonicotinoids or synthetic fungicides.

Any kind of plants could help the bees, so you can contribute to their survival even by putting pots at your window. Planting a new green space in your neighborhood, garden, or even on your balcony might bring a great contribution to the bee colonies.

If you cannot afford planting, even offering bees water may suffice. Fill a basin with water and let it somewhere where they can reach it and quench their thirst. Also, don’t forget to put pebbles in it, or other items which would prevent the bees from drowning. Change the water regularly, so that it won’t become an attraction for mosquitoes.

Even small steps count for the conservation of bee populations. You might not realize it, but they are vital for the survival of the entire planet, as they represent the main pollinators on Earth. Every small effort you make to protect bees can help preserve their colonies.
Image Source: Pixabay