Bears Are to Blame for the Yeti Sightings

Supposed Yeti footprint in the snow

On Wednesday, a team of scientists revealed that the famous myth of the Yeti creature that supposedly roams the highest peaks of the Himalayas is nothing else but pure legend. According to them, this abominable snowman that people have reported catching glimpses of for centuries is simply a bear. Actually, most of those people saw three different species of bears: the Tibetan brown, the Asian black, and the Himalayan brown.

The experts also explained that these different types of bears inhabit different parts of the world. This is why supposed Yeti sightings have taken place in many areas, making some believe that this Wild Man of the Snows lives everywhere. According to Charlotte Lindqvist, the leader of this recent research, their studies have proven that the biological traits of those supposed creatures can also be found in those species of bears. This research is not the first to dismantle the myth of Yetis, but it’s based on solid evidence coming from DNA extracted from fragments of bone, teeth, hair, skin and feces.

Yetis do not exist. They are simply bears

The team of experts managed to obtain those artefacts from various museums and private collections. Among them was one of the most valuable such pieces, said to have come from the paw of a Yeti. In reality, the experts came to the conclusion that those remains actually came from 23 different bears.

So, after completing the mitochondrial genomes of each individual, the team discovered important details about those creatures’ history. It seems that brown bears that live on the Tibetan plateau and brown bears that live in the west of the Himalayas are two different species. About 650,000 years ago, those populations split and remained like this up until this day.

However, Lindquist says that they cannot simply rule out the existence of cryptids, creatures whose existence is uncertain. After all, there have been many reports and sightings that didn’t sound like a bear sighting. But at the moment, scientific proof tells us that Yeti doesn’t exist.

Image source: wikimedia