Battlefield 1 DLC Brings Exciting Surprises

Battlefield 1

The new DLC for Battlefield 1 is on its way and it promises new weapons and maps

Battlefield 1 will release their first big expansion in the form of a DLC today. They Shall Not Pass will feature new maps and weapons, as well as a new game mode. This is one of the most expected updates in the industry, as fans embraced the concept of the game and praised it for being realistic.

With competitors as Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which come with a science-fiction approach, the critics questioned DICE’s choice to bring a classic setting in Battlefield 1. However, the fans enjoyed the realistic depiction of World War 1 and propelled the game among the top releases. Their latest DLC, They Shall Not Pass, promises to be as successful as the original game.

They Shall Not Pass is the first massive update

Battlefield 1 had received an update before. Giant’s Shadow appeared in December last year and it brought a new map, which contributed to the increase of Battlefield enthusiasts. However, the main update is soon to come, and Giant’s Shadow was merely a preparation for the upcoming DLC.

They Shall Not Pass is Battlefield’s first big expansion. The novelties it will be bringing are 20 new vehicles, guns, and factions. Also, four new maps and a new mode await the excited gamers. PC Gamer took a quick look at the DLC and said it reached the expectations. The weapons are more impressive, as the expansion comes with a whole new arsenal.

The DLC arsenal is varied

The Medic class receives a new rifle, RSC 17, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the class. Chauchat is another powerful machine gun that comes with the expansion. These weapons might be powerful but, unfortunately, they are pretty slow.

The Support class receives one of the most stable rifles in the game, as well as strong weapons with high levels of damage and many combat advantages.

New maps await the gamers

They Shall Not Pass offers four new maps, and all of them are based on real places. Verdun and Fort de Vaux are inspired from real-life battles, which are sure to impress the history enthusiasts. They also bring natural disasters on the table, so that gamers can enjoy a more diverse and exciting gameplay.

New vehicles and a new mode, Frontlines, are also among the surprises prepared by DICE. Thus, Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass promises an amazing experience which can keep everybody entertained.

Below you have the official trailer of They Shall Not Pass.

Image Source: Flickr