Gearbox Launches Battleborn as a Free-To-Play Title


Battleborn now comes with a Free Trial version, seeking to bring more players into its universe

Gearbox Software have prepared Battleborn fans a surprise, and will offer them a Free Trial online version of the game. This might help with bringing Battleborn the praise it deserved and failed to receive, due to the bad timing of its release. Unfortunately for the game, its launched was overshadowed by the much popular Overwatch.

What does Battleborn Free Trial bring?

Battleborn is a felicitous combination of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and first-person shooter, which many people would definitely enjoy. Therefore, Gearbox decided to make it free-to-play, and launched a Free Trial of the game. This version is already available on the online stores of Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

Battleborn Free Trial offers access to all maps and multiplayer modes, and gamers have the freedom to explore and fight how much they like, as there will be no time limits. Every week, they will receive six heroes they can choose from, and they will change so that players could benefit from all 30 heroes of the game.

In fact, there will be a free rotation of the characters, and players can save the progress they made with a certain hero. Therefore, when he returns on the rotation, they will be able to pick up the action and experience from where they left it off. Also, a special feature will not place skilled players to combat against newcomers, so the gameplay will be balanced.

Special items for older Battleborn players

If you have already bought Battleborn, Gearbox will offer you some exclusive items which only come for non-free-to-play titles. These items include 1,000 Platinum, 50,000 credits, Legendary Gear, packs of loot, and many other surprises.

You can also choose to purchase Battleborn even after playing the Free Trial. For only $30, you will receive all characters, special modes, and the ability to hold private matches whose progress you can save. Gearbox hopes this attempt will help distance Battleborn from the much more popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch, and bring a dedicated fanbase to the game.
Image Source: Flickr