A Bald Girl with Alopecia Wins Crazy Hair Day in School

A bald girl

A bald girl diagnosed with alopecia participated in a Crazy Hair Day contest.

A seven-year-old bald girl named Gianessa Wride managed to won the Crazy Hair Day competition at her school in Utah. Even if this seems paradoxical, Gianessa won the prize fair and square after she decorated her head with colorful jewelry. On January 1st, Gianessa’s mother, Daniella Wride was brushing her daughter’s hair when she noticed that the brush pulled out a quarter of Gianessa’s hair.

Even if the seven-year-old girl lost all her hair due to the disease, she won the competition

Daniella declared for the media that she was shocked, but she decided to let her daughter to bed without her knowing the truth yet. Daniella tried to protect her little daughter, but there came a time when she couldn’t. She and her husband made an appointment to a dermatologist’s office. In only one month, the seven-year-old girl lost all her hair.

Unfortunately, they received some terrible news from the dermatologist who examined their daughter. They found out that their baby girl was diagnosed with alopecia. This illness represents an autoimmune condition which caused all of Gianessa’s hair to fall out. Within only 20 days, the little girl lost even her eyebrows. At first, she did not understand what is going on with her and why the disease caused her hair to fall.

The bald girl wore some colorful jeweled stickers which brought her the prize

She was anxiously waiting for all her hair to grow back, but she did not know that it was impossible. Despite her condition, the little girl continued to go to school. But when Crazy Hair Day event was announced, Gianessa was disappointed. This was an annual competition, and everybody was expected to participate. Her mother, Daniella, did not want her daughter to feel ashamed in front of her colleagues during the contest.

Daniella found several scrapbook sticker jewels, and she knew she would do everything for her daughter to feel great during the Crazy Hair Day competition. Daniella believed that those jewels suited her daughter perfectly since she is so full of life and vibrant. Gianessa was helped by her mother to stick all the jeweled stickers which brought her the prize.

The little girl knows how to remain sparkly even when life is not so friendly. Her mother said that Gianessa understood that her hair is not growing back and she accepted the fact that this is the life she will have from now on.

Image courtesy of: flickr