Mother Reveals How Her Baby Starved During Breastfeeding


Jillian Johnson told us how she lost her son due to starvation during breastfeeding

Jillian Johnson lost her newborn son five years ago. The baby was born healthy, so his death came unexpectedly. Johnson gathered up the courage to talk about what had happened, so that other mothers should know best. She lost her son after he starved to death unintentionally during breastfeeding.

Landon was a full-term healthy baby boy who weighed 7.7 pounds at birth. However, he acted strange. He had the tendency to spend a longer period of time breastfeeding. Johnson asked the nurses about it, but they told her she should not be worried.

They said that the baby spends more time breastfeeding because of cluster feeding. This means that a baby clusters more feeding sessions together at certain times in the day. However, this strange behavior did not stop. Landon was continuously crying, so Johnson had to keep breastfeeding him.

Johnson had experienced a polycystic ovarian syndrome, and such a condition might cause women to have difficulties lactating. The medical expert on lactation explained to her that this imbalance in the hormones was what was causing her to lactate less. As a solution, the expert advised Johnson to use some herbs.

After that, Johnson was sent home with the baby but, after 12 hours, Landon went into a severe cardiac arrest caused by dehydration and he died, although Johnson kept nursing him.

Breastfeeding is regarded as the best feeding method for newborns, since breast milk has a superior nutritional value than other baby foods. All health officials advise mothers to breastfeed their babies, so that they can have a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients and receive protection against diarrhea, pneumonia, and influenza.

Breastfeeding is beneficial not only for the baby, but also for the mother. It helps in reducing the post-partum blood loss and helps women heal more quickly, lose weight more quickly, and enhance their emotional health.

If women had some medical conditions that prevent them from breastfeeding, they can opt for formula milk under prescription from a pediatrician.

Unfortunately, Johnson received the necessary advice too late. Breastfeeding is indeed beneficial but, if the baby is still hungry, you can fill his eating session with formula milk. Johnson made her story public in hope that everybody would learn from her tragic experience and both parents and doctors would be more careful with breastfeeding.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons