Belgian Baby Killed by Alternative Diet


Two Belgian parents killed their baby after feeding him an alternative diet

Two Belgian parents were convicted after their baby died of dehydration and malnutrition. The parents were adepts of alternative diets, and ignored the standard diets recommended for infants. They received a suspended sentence of six months, which they can still appeal.

Baby Lucas, who weighed only 7lb, died after his organs stopped working. Doctors discovered that they had half the normal size no fat was surrounding them. Then, they discovered that his parents, who followed an alternative diet, fed him gluten-free and lactose-free food, which is not appropriate for the age of seven months.

The infant died of dehydration

The couple owned a natural food store in Beveren, Belgium, and wanted to raise their child in the same manner. More precisely, they chose a diet for their baby based on quinoa milk. This happened in spite of the fact that doctors had warned them an alternative diet is extremely unsuitable for babies.

Also, they didn’t seek medical attention when their baby started gasping for air several days before he died. At the autopsy, medical experts identified many signs of dehydration, and discovered that the baby’s stomach was completely empty. Therefore, the judge established that the demise of baby Lucas occurred due to an unsuitable diet which affected his internal organs.

The parents were unaware that an alternative diet could harm their baby

Therefore, the prosecutors found the parents directly responsible for their son’s demise. Moreover, they put a diagnose themselves on the infant. They thought he had gluten intolerance and an allergy to lactose. Instead of bringing him to the hospital, they consulted a homeopathic doctor and, in the meantime, the baby starved to death.

When questioned about the case, the parents declared that they never thought their son had such a serious problem. Sometimes he gained a little weight, and then he lost it, and found this quite normal for a baby. They only thought he had an eating problem, and found an alternative diet as the best solution.
Image Source: Pixabay