Awesome Experiences for Shark Lovers

deep sea shark

Great White sharks are a rare site.

Luke is the first capture of this year’s season. The shark was named after a fisherman from Martha’s Vineyard, recently lost at sea. Even though to many, sharks are terrifying creatures, to Greg Skomal, the 12-foot shark is a treasured memory of a friend. This is just one of the many awesome experiences for shark lovers.

Skomal is a marine biologist for the Division of Fisheries. He talks about the last week’s loss of a 25-year old friendship when Luke Gurney was swept into the sea, while fishing off the coast of Nantucket.

Skomal gave a short interview where he described Gurney “the life of the party”. He added that he knew Gurney personally and professionally. The entire Martha’s Vineyard community was devastated by the loss of one of their best fishermen.

It was then that Skomal decided to name the shark after Luke. This was the first catch of the season. Dr. Greg Skomal noticed the shark eating a seal and caught it before it went out to the deep sea.The shark seemed to cooperate with Skomal, this rarely happens with white sharks.

Shark tagging allows biologists to track, study and identify these monsters of the deep seas. They learn more about migration, lifestyle, and ecosystems through studying sharks.

Shark Week has become a trademark of Discovery Channel. The series is now in its’ 29th season. A few of the shows featured are Nuclear Sharks, The Killing Games, or Sharksanity.

Last year, Shark Week attracted audiences of 2.5 million people. If you’re fascinated by sharks, you will want to book one of these experiences:

The Chatham Bars Inn in Cape Cod is a luxury 4-star beach resort. It’s got great service, delicious food, a perfect location and a boat shuttle to a deserted island.

Another sensational location for diving with sharks is Las Vegas. You can swim with sharks at Mandalay Bay and then head off to fancy dinner in luxurious Las Vegas. The three-hour experience is priced at 650 $.

The Golden Nugget Casino, also in LA, has a shark aquarium by the pool, called The Tank. The Tank is celebrating Shark Week with shark movie projections and a free shark themed photo booth. Imagine the adrenaline rush induced by awesome experiences for shark lovers!

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