BlackBerry Is Investing In Its Autonomous Vehicle Dreams

qnx autonomous vehicle dreams

BlackBerry is surging ahead with its autonomous vehicle dreams as it announced QNX’s AVIC.

BlackBerry, more famous for its mobile phones, is surging ahead with its autonomous vehicle dreams as the company announced a new investment.

BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian company. It is best known for its BlackBerry line of smartphones. The multinational is specialized for its mobile hardware and telecommunications software.

It became famous for its smartphone and tablets brands. However, that has slowly been changing. The company is now gaining grounds in new areas. One such domain is the automotive software industry.

QNX, a BlackBerry subsidiary, has made quite a name for itself. It has come to be seen as a sort of industry leader. Now, Blackberry is seeking to fulfl its autonomous vehicle dreams.

The company released a statement in that direction earlier this week. On December 19, BlackBerry announced the opening of AVIC.

AVIC or the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center will BlackBerry QNX’s newest facility. The former smartphone giant revealed yet another news.

BlackBerry has also been granted permission to test its prototypes. Test drives will be carried out on the streets of Ontario, at least for the moment.

AVIC was opened in the presence of the nation’s authorities. It is housed in a QNX facility. This is situated in Ottawa, Ontario.

The newest center should help accelerated their autonomous vehicle dreams. To this effect, BlackBerry will make quite an investment. It will be spending around $75 million in the AVIC alone.

Facility goals have already been set up. One of its first targets will be to offer support for the pilot vehicle. AVIC will also be involved in the company’s partnerships.

As such, it should help with QNX’s collaboration projects. Company collaborators include Renesas Electronics, PolySync, and the University of Waterloo.

BlackBerry has quite shifted its work towards this evolving niche. It is now working in the intersection of the transportation industry with the Internet of Things.

The QNX software is already designed for a wide variety of applications. It offers driver information, telematics, and advanced driver assistance.

Estimates show that the QNX-powered system is featured in some millions of cars. Numbers reach the 60 million mark and have an international outspread.

QNX’s autonomous vehicle software has come to be seen as a future key component. Their area of expertise is expected to grow. An autonomous solutions market is expected to greatly expand in between now and 2021.

With the opening of AVIC, BlackBerry is also seeking to expand its service area. Updates and advances for the existing services are also envisioned. QNX is hoping to take a step forward towards its autonomous vehicle dreams.

It will reportedly be developing production-ready software. This will be produced both independently and through collaborations. This should also help accelerate the production of self-driving vehicles.

BlackBerry has already proven the efficiency of its Certicom system. This ensures the necessary security technology needed for communication authorization and authentication.

QNX also ensures digital instrument, acoustics, and infotainment clusters. Now, it will be seeking to expand its expertise. They are targeting ADAS and CVAV systems.

ADAS is the Advanced Driver Assist Systems. CVAV is the Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle system. Over the Air Software Update secure systems will also be further developed.

BlackBerry will develop the autonomous and connected vehicle core electronics. They will do so by providing them with the needed embedded intelligence.

Autonomous vehicle dreams estimate the rising numbers of IoT-based cars. A high concentration of such sensors and edge nodes is being developed for that purpose. These sensors and edge nodes should become able to generate actionable, valuable data.

BlackBerry is not on its own in the autonomous vehicle competition. In October, Ford Motor Co. announced that it has made BlackBerry a Tier 1 supplier.

The company is already supplying the automaker with Certicom and BlackBerry Radar systems. Sync 3 infotainment consoles are also being used.

Image Source: Flickr