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Roquefort cheese contaminated by listeria

Whole Foods Market recalls Roquefort cheese due to listeria

Whole Foods Market recalls Roquefort cheese due to listeria

Whole Foods Market, Inc is recalling all of its cut of Papillon organic Roquefort cheese, because it can be potentially contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria monocytogenes is a mortal bacteria. This organism can cause serious infections with fatal implications in elderly and children those who have weak or compromised immune system. Whole Foods has taken

blue whale

Blue whales feeding strategy reveals secrets of its massive size

Blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived and it must really have a large appetite to match its body size. The strategy it uses to forage food however has remained largely a secret.   The information scientists have about blue whales is that they are filter feeders. What are filter feeders? These

rabies in humans

First ever human case of rabies confirmed in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Health has recorded the states first-ever case of human rabies. A Fremont County woman is believed to have contracted the virus from the bat. No details regarding her exposure to the infected animals has been released, but Dr. Karl Musgrave, a state public health veterinarian said that rabies is very common

comet 67p

Rosetta probe reveals how the Comet 67p got its shape

The Rosetta Mission which is about studying the Comet 67P has provided us with far more information than we had anticipated. For instance, researchers while looking for the information about the life of the comet like where it came from, how far it has journeyed, what specimens or space materials it has collected – A

fogo island megatsunami

Megatsunami of 800 feet around 73,000 years worries experts

According to a new study, a massive megatsunami has occurred in the Cape Verde islands off the coast of Africa around 73,000 years ago. The theory suggests that the tsunami was triggered by falling of large part of the volcanic island of Fogo into the ocean. The falling of land into the ocean produced as