Artic Sea Ice Is In Big Trouble And So Are We

The Arctic Sea Ice is melting

The Arctic Sea Ice is in danger due to climate change.

As we know, climate change is the main threat our planet has at the moment. For those of you who want evidence that global warming is here, you just have to look at the Artic Sea Ice. According to the Arctic expert Peter Wadhams in two years it could be gone. This would be the first time in 10 000 years when the Artic Sea Ice has disappeared.

Researchers explained what this is happening. When the ice melts in the summer, the dark ocean is exposed to sunlight. The ocean does not reflect it, it absorbs 90 percent of the sunlight and its temperatures are rising. Moreover, they think that at this moment it is too late for us to do something. We have no control over the Artic Sea Ice.

Dr. Wadhams is one of the most trusting sources when it comes to the Arctic region.  He has been a professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University since 2001.Moreover, he also made more than 50 trips to the North Pole. He was one of the first scientists who tried to raise awareness regarding this matter. The ice that covered the Artic Ocean is already thinner, which is dangerous for us.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can read his book, A Farewell To Ice, where he explains why is so dangerous for us that the sea ice disappears and the consequences for our planet. This year was the hottest recorded and according to officials, the Arctic sea level will reach its second-lowest annual minimum.

Climate change is a real problem for all of us. Most people are not aware of the danger, but the threat is everywhere. We breathe polluted air, drink polluted water and raise our children in an atmosphere with too much carbon dioxide. The worst thing is that humans are the most responsible for this happening. Even though we have resources and we are doing good at the moment, the next generations will have a hard time trying to survive.

If the sea level is rising, our homes could be underwater. There have been people who needed to move because their houses were not safe anymore. In 100 years, big cities from the United States could be also underwater. It sounds like a science-fiction movie, but it is going to be real.

Image source: Pixabay