Apple Watch 3 With Wireless Charging

Apple Watch 3

This can also be a new way to charge Apple Watch 3.

Nowadays, everybody has at least a gadget that helps them stay connected to the world. More and more people are buying wearable gadgets like smartwatches. Of course, one of the companies that develop the best smartwatches is Apple.

Apple has been designing watches for some time now and they have managed to make them better than its competitors. The first two models, Apple Watch 1 and Apple Watch 2 have been revolutionary for their time but now the Apple Watch 3 is coming.

Apple Watch 1 and Watch 2 have been selling great and that is why people are so interested in the Apple Watch 3. Everybody wants to know what the company has prepared for this new smartwatch. One of the most important parts is the battery life. Like any other Apple product, the battery life of their smartwatches has some problems.

Since their first products have been released on the market, customers have been complaining about the battery life which is too small. People mentioned that they have to charge to devices for too long and the battery is gone in a few hours. This is why the biggest demand for Apple gadgets is to have a bigger battery life.

Apple recently filed a patent that shows a new technology that can improve the battery life of the new smartwatch. This can also be a new way to charge the Apple Watch 3. The fact that it has an embedded battery that provides power with an induction coil could mean that the new smartwatch will have no portable charger.

Apple Watch 3 might actually benefit from a better battery life and wireless charging. This smartwatch will also feature a bolder display due to the inclusion of microLEDs. If you are excited about this watch you should know that it is going to be available later this year along with the new iPhone 8.

The Apple Watch 3 is going to have a better S3 chip processor as well as a more powerful operating system, watchOS4. Tech experts mentioned that they expect this smartwatch to be available in September 2017. The price is expected to be between $450 and $500.

What is your opinion about the smartwatches made by Apple? Are you interested in buying Apple Watch 3?

Image source: Flickr