Apple Releases Promotional Video for AirPods


Apple released an intense promotional campaign for the AirPods

Apple released an intense marketing campaign for the AirPods. Although they were available for purchase in the second part of 2016, too, the Cupertino company released the first official ads only now in January, mesmerizing Apple fans worldwide.

The official video promoting the amazing product is already on air and can be seen in the majority of TV networks. Apple are trying to present their AirPods as magic. The advertising video shows how the day of the protagonist gets better and better after he decided to use the AirPods. He starts dancing on the street and other people join him. He can move free without being bothered of a headphone cord getting entangled.

But are these headphones actually magic? The initial response that comes to mind is yes. For an Apple fan, they most surely are the best thing that could hit the market. However, for a regular tech consumer with some sort of experience in the market, they may be just another type of wireless headsets that are quite abundant nowadays.

One of the best things about the AirPods must be the case, which was barely shown in the promotional video. It is constantly connected to the iPhone 7 via wireless and it reacts as soon as it opens. But probably the best part about the case is that it works as a charger at the same time.

Some may say that the ad came out only now because of the high demand of the headphones that caused Apple to face some difficulties in providing them for sale. However, the AirPods are still hard to find at this point.

Other sources compare the AirPod commercial to the old iPod advertising campaigns. If the evolution of the AirPods follows that of the iPods, then some more expansions and features are to come to the innovative devices. Other snippets found on their YouTube channel already announced some features of the AirPods, namely seamless pairing, Siri support, and proximity sensor.

However, older buyers informed us regarding the downsides these devices have. Since they are so small and not attached to anything, they can be very easily lost or stolen. Also, the battery life is not so extended as it was expected.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons