Apple To Open Hub In Italy

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The University of Naples, Italy, announced that it would collaborate with Apple

The University of Naples, Italy, announced that it would collaborate with Apple, to open the first European iOS Developer Academy. Over 200 students will take part in the official opening, which will take place in October 2016. More students will be enrolled in the years to follow.

Students will participate in a nine-month course created by Apple, with a dedicated facility on a campus in San Giovanni a Teduccio. The new facility includes labs and access to the latest Apple gadgets and software.

Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO was very enthusiastic about the launch of the iOS Academy. He said that some of the most creative minds of the world are European, and there is confidence that the center will equip the next generation with much-needed skills for success.

Through this initiative, new technologies are introduced to the European market. Rector Gaetano Manfredi said that the University appreciates the partnership with Apple and is looking forward to recruiting new students and teachers.

The first semester will focus on enhancing and improving students’ software skills on the iOS. During the second part of the academic year, students will learn how to create start-ups, app design and collaborate on the creation of apps that could even be sold on the App store.

The University of Napoli is seeking to recruit teachers, designers, app developers, and academics. If you wish to apply for one of these positions, go to

Tim Cook, Apple CEO was the first to announce the opening of Apple’s hub in Europe, in January. Cook said that Europe is going to be home for the next generation of entrepreneurs and that the App Store is behind some 1.4 million jobs in Europe. Apple created opportunities for people from different walks of life and with different businesses across the continent. Apple expects this program to be expanded to other countries in the world in future.

The University of Naples Federico II is the oldest of its kind in the world. This public university is the third largest in Italy. It has an IT department, and will soon host Apple’s iOS University.

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