Apple Will Open Production Center in Mesa, Arizona

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Apple may open a manufacturing point in Mesa, Arizona

The fact that Apple would manufacture computers in the United States has been regarded as impossible for many years by many people. However, after the openly stated intentions of president elect Donald Trump to get the Cupertino company to produce in America, this move might actually happen. The company may produce some devices in the U.S., but they will not be sold to customers.

Apple is really taking into consideration the opportunity to manufacture computers in the United States, but they are not going to produce MacBooks or iPads to be sold to the public. What they will be producing are servers and data centers meant to be used in other Apple facilities across the country. The devices are going to be manufactured in the existing facility in Mesa, Arizona.

Some Apple plans have been revealed and they state the Cupertino company has initiated a request for the designation of the Mesa zone as a “foreign trade zone”. Although they already have the all the necessary authorizations in order to produce within Mesa, if they get the approval they would be allowed to import anything is needed to other data centers abroad without having to pay for customs or for other import/export expenses.

UberGizmo reported this as an expected move by the tech giant. They were already proceeding to move all data centers inside the United States border, as they wanted to improve security over them.

If their proposal is approved, they will also be able to choose custom duty rates on the products that are to be available in the United States. These duties can be either deferred or reduced. This will help Apple lower its production costs and create thousands of job opportunities in the areas nearby Mesa. The money saved from being paid to customs may be invested in opening other facilities for product manufacturing and may offer even more job opportunities.

Apple’s decision to open a manufacturing point within the American borders comes as a result of president elect’s insistent request that they should produce their devices on American soil and provide jobs for the people. Trump went so far that he even promised tax cuts if the Cupertino company were to move at least a part of its factories to U.S.
Image Source: Pixabay