Apple Music for Android Receives Update 2.0

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Apple brings an update for the Android version of the Apple Music app

Google did not refrain from bringing their apps to iOS users. However, Apple chose to keep their apps away from Android users until recently. Even so, they brought only two apps on this platform, and one of them is Apple Music, which comes with a new update.

Apple is trying to convince Android users to switch to iOS

Apple wants to convert as many users as possible, and is trying to convince them to switch to Apple devices and iOS. Their decision to make some of their apps available to Android seems to be part of this attempt. For instance, one of the apps is called “Move to iOS”.

The second app, Apple Music, might have a similar purpose. Actually, the app lets Android users access Apple’s extensive music platform. Since its release, it came up with no major changes, until now. The Android version of Apple Music can now benefit from the 2.0 update. This brings the look of iOS 10 to the app.

Mixed feelings about the mixed look of the app

There are some people who think that Android apps should be designed accordingly. That is, even if the app comes from a competitor, it should still look like an Android app. Others would say that an app should be an individual entity and look the same across all systems. Apple satisfied both these group with Apple Music for Android.

The strikingly Android-like feature is the side menu which is seen extremely seldom on iOS apps. But this is the only resemblance. The other features look exactly like their iOS version. Also, the 2.0 update makes it more similar to iOS.

All playlists, songs, artists, and albums are organized in a single section called Library. They also added the “For You” tab, Browse, and the Radio section. One more striking resemblance to the iOS app is the fact that users can access the song’s lyrics while they are listening to it.

It is quite surprising that Apple decided to make a whole update for the Android app, given the hostility it shows towards Google and their operating system. Nevertheless, users are not so happy with the Apple music app.

They offered it negative reviews on Google Play Store. Among the many complaints, they mentioned a Log In bug which Apple later announced that it was actually a new feature.
Image Source: Flickr