Apple Kills iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack, Adds No Second Speaker

The iPhone 6According to a document which looks like the schematics for the much-anticipated iPhone 7, the new handset will no longer be equipped with a headphone jack, but it will not come with a dual speaker either.

Apple decided to remove the headphone jack to make the phone slimmer, some sources say, but regardless of the motive users now need to either buy themselves a nice pair of Lightning-compatible headphones, use Bluetooth earbuds, or purchase a (yet another) dongle.

Experts are divided over why Apple ditched the useful jack. Some have said that since the iPhone 7 needs to be compatible with high-quality audio content, it needs room for a digital input. Others argue that the 3.5mm headphone jack prevented the smartphone maker from manufacturing a slimmer device.

There are rumors that the recent loss is due to a more practical reason: Apple wants to make the new handset water-sealed. In the meantime, users have complained that the move may be a marketing strategy to force them into buying Lightning headphones. Or maybe the phone maker needed more room for a larger battery, others say.

But the most popular theory was that the port had to be ditched to make room for dual speakers.

Although nearly all “leaked” documents so far have shown two sets of speaker holes on the frame of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the recently leaked document shows that this isn’t the case: there won’t be a second downward-facing speaker on the new iPhone.

It is worth noting, though, that until iPhone 6 no handset had stereo speakers despite displaying dual speaker grilles. Only the the two versions if the iPad Pro has stereo sound coming out of its four-speaker grilles.

It is very hard to add an additional speaker to the iPhone no matter how hard you try, but users have hoped that removing the headphone jack could help solve the problem. Still, that is not enough of a reason to ditch the popular headphone jack which has been around for more than 50 years.

There is also the Bluetooth hypothesis: the iPhone maker may have plans to replace the old jack with Bluetooth technology. But even though there are several Bluetooth headphones on the market, unless you buy the really expensive ones, most of them have low sound output and their connectivity often fails.

Image Source: Pixabay