Antibacterial Soaps Removed

dilemma of antibacterial soap ilustration

Following a rule by the Food and Drug Administration, all antibacterial soaps will be removed from the market

Following a rule by the Food and Drug Administration, all antibacterial soaps will be removed from the market. The FDA has found that antibacterial soaps and washes are not as effective as their advertising claims.

The recent ruling is going to prevent antibacterial soaps and body washes that have a list of certain ingredients from being sold. These ingredients were proven unsafe for long term use, and not effective.

This new rule will apply to soaps containing one or some of the 19 active ingredients. These commonly used chemicals include triclosan and triclocarban.

However, hand sanitizers and wet wipes will not be affected by the decision.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA center for Drug Evaluation and Research has issued a statement where she comments that although consumers believe antibacterial washes can be more effective at removing germs, there’s no scientific evidence that they top regular soap and water.

There will be one year allowed to companies for either removing the ingredients or stop selling the products altogether.

The American Cleaning Institute responded that producers want to fill the information gaps with extra studies, so as to clarify the issue.

The American Cleaning Institute and the member companies plan to make further tests and submit the data to the FDA. Some of the chemicals in question are chloroxylenol, benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride and others.

The Institute represents the interests of soap producers and states that consumers are safe to use the products as they have been doing for decades.

Antibacterial soaps have come under criticism, from a scientific point of view. A study made in 2007 on triclosan soaps showed that there was no extra health benefit. Regular soap and water proved effective enough to stop germs. And antibacterial soaps had no added benefit – according to the research.

Elaine Larson, from Columbia University School, pointed out that further studies are needed to determine whether adding triclosan to soap had any health benefits.

So far, most studies proved it doesn’t improve the antibacterial resistance. So many of the scientist and the FDA want ingredients like triclosan out of the soap formula, as they do not have any benefits.

Some researchers believe that these chemicals spread to the environment and help germs become more resistant, which can sometimes lead to antibiotic resistance in people.

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