Another Woman Accuses R. Kelly of Sexual and Physical Abuse

R. Kelly looking over his sunglasses

In a report that Rolling Stone published on Monday, another woman has decided to speak up against rapper R. Kelly. It’s interesting that this time, the accuser is a divorcee and mother of one, Kitti Jones. She was also a rather important radio DJ from Dallas. All the previous women who accused the rapper of sexual harassment and abuse were teenagers or very young at the time they were in relationships with him.

According to the report, the two met back in 2011 at a private event after one of his concerts. She had been his fan for 20 years and she was very happy when the rapper gave her his number. After they began dating, she left her job and moved to Chicago to live with her boyfriend at a Trump Tower apartment. Two years of sexual and physical abuse followed in what resembles the stories of the other women. Some of those women’s parents even claimed that the rapper was holding them all in some kind of cult.

Another woman accuses R. Kelly of abuse

According to Jones, he was controlling every aspect of her life, from the way she had to dress from when she was allowed to go to the bathroom. She always needed to text him about her whereabouts and wear clothes that were not revealing. A month after she moved to Chicago, he physically abused her for the first time. They got in an argument about his child pornography trial and he got so mad that he slapped and kicked her.

Two of his other girlfriends were living in the Chicago studio living quarters. He also moved Jones there after a tour. He had bizarre and strict rules and he forced the women to perform certain sexual acts. Jones finally managed to get away from R. Kelly in September 2013.

It’s interesting that despite so many accusations, he has never been convicted. However, the situation might change now, especially in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Image source: youredm