Angelina Jolie Admits It’s Hard Being Single

Angelina Jolie at comic-con

During a recent interview while she was promoting her new movie called First They Killed My Father, actress Angelina Jolie revealed a few details about the way she is feeling now, after the split from her husband, Brad Pitt. One of the most important reveals the 42-year old Oscar winner made was that she doesn’t enjoy at all being single. That it’s difficult and it’s not something she willingly choose. So, she chose to just adapt and see what happens.

Angelina Jolie, an honest interview

Almost a year since filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie revealed that even if it may look like she’s doing fine, she doesn’t. According to her, there are times when she just wants the days to go by. Concerning her health, the actress revealed that some other health-related issues followed her emotional downside after filing for divorce. Now, she said that her health is one of her most important concerns.

The actress filed for divorce from her famous husband back in September 2016. They were married back in 2014, but have been together for 12 years before this. A few months later, in December, the two parties reached an agreement concerning the custody of their six children. However, last month, someone with knowledge revealed that the divorce was no going forward. The two stars are reportedly trying to work through it all. There are also rumors that the two are still going to divorce but will choose to stay together.

Meanwhile, other sources are saying that the former couple will not get back together, despite those rumors. The only thing they now have in common is their love for their children. Both parents are trying to do everything they can for the wellbeing of their kids. She also bought a $25 million mansion this year, for her and the children.

Image source: flickr