Android Users Can Now Find Their Perfect Home Screen

Android home screen

Google released #myAndroid Taste Test, which allows users to find their perfect home screen

The Android devices powered by Google have an advantage over Apple products, at least when it comes to customization. While Apple does not offer so many options in this sense to their users, Google will launch the #myAndroid Taste Test to help the Android users decide how they want their smartphones to look like.

What is #myAndroid Taste Test?

The new feature launched by Google is an online tool that helps Android users design the perfect home screen for their devices. Google created this tool for regular users who, unlike the big Android fans, are not so familiarized with the widgets and packs that are created for home screen customization.

#myAndroid Taste Test resembles the typical online quizzes made for entertainment that can tell a person what their spirit animal is or what fictional character they resemble most. After launching the test, the user will have to answer a series of questions which will determine how their perfect home screen should look like.

After a few minutes, the description of your perfect home screen is ready. Among the questions, there are a few regarding the preferences when it comes to colors, icons, wallpapers, and even some that might resemble personality tests. Also, the test will try to establish how much of an advanced user of Android the quiz-taker is, and what he might need on the home screen.

When the test is ready, it returns three designs for the home screen. Each design includes a wallpaper, widgets, an icon pack, and a launcher. Also, Google will also offer launchers from third parties, apart from Google Now and Google Pixel.

Besides the design, the #myAndroid test offers all the necessary links for the download of the apps recommended by the quiz. However, users have to perform all the downloads and adjustments manually. Thus, the final touch of their customized home screen is in their hands.

How useful is the #myAndroid Taste Test?

Now you may say that most users must have already found their perfect home screens. However, taking the test might prove entertaining, and you could end up finding new apps that you did not know nothing about.

The tool is really useful for regular users, or for those who have recently switched to Android from iOS. This helps them familiarize with the new operating system and enjoy the permissive customization features. The test can be found here and any user can take it.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons