An 18-Year-Old Posed As A Real Doctor

"malachi love-robinson"

An 18-year-old posed as a real doctor twice in his lifetime, and it has been arrested due to the fact that he didn’t actually have a medical license or any sort of degree. One should be reminded that no matter how many seasons you’ve seen of Grey’s Anatomy or House M.D., you’re still not a doctor. That’s a lesson that Malachi Love-Robison should’ve known.

The 18-year-old young man first started in October 2015 by heading into a clinic at St. Mary’s Medical Center. In fact, he had the white coat with the hospitals logo, a stethoscope, and even introduced himself as Dr. Robinson. However, it takes a little bit more than that. In fact, it takes around 12 years of training, including college, medical school, and residency. But, who needs all that when you have your own stethoscope?

Dr. Sebastian Kent, who works at St. Mary’s Medical Center, stated that Love-Robinson tried to integrate himself into his schedule. However, given his youth and the fact that he likely knew very little about what was said to him, Dr. Kent called security, who called the police, and then the wannabe Dougie Howser was arrested. According to Love-Robison though, he only asked to shadow the doctors, and next thing he knew, he was in handcuffs.

However, it seems that the “misunderstanding” happened again. Not too long ago, Dr. Love-Robinson was back, this time in the confines of his own clinic. He opened a holistic and alternative medical care clinic, and it was operational for a full 3 months before authorities had an idea of what was happening. And this was only due to the complaint of a patient.

Thus, the Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force along with the Florida Department of Health sent an undercover agent, posing as a patient. The agent was examined and then given medical advice. After that, Dr. Love-Robison was arrested once again.

It appears that he went all the way in this time, even creating a Facebook page and an official site for his clinic. Love-Robinson listed himself as being a 25-year-old doctor, with a PHD, an HHP-C and an AMP-C, though it’s unclear what the latter two stood for. However, he didn’t mention what schools he attended nor was he listed in the state’s licensed doctors. He also described himself as a “well-rounded proffesional”. That’s right, with two ‘f’s.

Now, he’s being held at the Palm Beach County Jail, on a bond of $21,000, charged with practicing medicine without a license, four counts of fraud, and theft. Love-Robinson, however, claimed that he never posed as a doctor, and all these “allegations and accusations will be cleared up”.

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