Americans Feel More Stress Lately

Stressed woman

The American Psychological Association found that Americans showed the highest levels of stress in the last few years

On Wednesday, the American Psychological Association released a survey which found that Americans were feeling more stressed lately. The participants were asked to rate their stress levels and they marked it higher this January as compared to last August.

Their stress levels from last August scored 4.8 points, while the levels of this January raised to 5.1 on a scale of 10 points. Since the association has started doing these surveys, this is the first significant increase in stress levels among the American population.

When asked about the reasons they are stressed out, 57 percent of the population that answered the January survey stated that they were stressed about the current political situation, while 66 percent were stressed about the future of the nation, and 49 percent about the outcome of the election.

The association asked questions regarding the election back in August, too. Then, 52 percent of the population regarded the elections as either a big or a significant source of stress. This was the reason why the psychologists decided to put up the second survey in January, which interviewed 1,109 people age 18 or older.

The survey asked people about their political orientation, too, so they found that 59 percent of Republicans and 76 percent of Democrats are worried about the future of this country. Among other stress causes, people stated terrorism, violence against minorities, and personal safety. The percentages regarding personal safety showed the highest increase since 2008, from 29 to 34 percent.

People who live in rural areas showed the lowest levels of stress, with 33 percent of them who were concerned about the political situation. In the suburban areas, the percentage lies around 45, while the city dwellers are on top of the scale with 62 percent. This high percentage can be explained by a better access to news sources and social media.

Although stress can be motivating and can give people a push, a constant source of stressing leads to serious health problems, such as depression, anxiety, obesity, or heart conditions. The doctors and researchers advise people to find time to take breaks and cut themselves off from what is bothering them.

If you want to stay healthy and give your brain a break, find some time for yourself and stay away from the stressful news sources and situations.
Image Source: Flickr