Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Responds with #sendDonaldtospace to Donald Trump’s Criticism

"Donald Trump vs Jeff Bezos"

Donald Trump vs Jeff Bezos

The Presidential candidate seems to have picked the wrong guy to bully. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos responds with #sendDonaldtospace to Donald Trump’s criticism and Twitter users seem to agree with him.

For many reasons, Donald Trumps is a PR officer’s nightmare, given his desire to constantly criticize people, be they political opponents or not. Even so, Trump does not shy away from freely expressing his radical views on immigrants, Muslims and same-sex partners.

This time it was Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos’ turn to be the target of Trump’s mockery and criticism. The political candidate recently wrote on his Twitter account that the Washington Post publication that Amazon owns is just a scam meant to bring Bezos numerous financial benefits.

Donald Trump further suggested that Washington Post is not paying fair taxes; hence, its high market share value. In his opinion, the financial scams that the CEO is making are keeping the newspaper from tumbling down.

The American magnate described the whole situation as a “tax shelter” because Washington Post gives Bezos the possibility to avoid taxes. This is the only reason why Amazon’s executive is still keeping the newspaper, considering that Washington Post is losing a fortune.

Surprisingly enough, there have been many Twitter followers to agree with Trump’s opinion on the matter. Thousands of Twitter users have liked the post, in spite of the groundless accusations.

Amazon’s CEO was quick to respond to Trump’s Twitter post, even though Bezos has rarely used the social network since he first created his account years ago. The CEO did not seem very bothered by Trump’s accusations; on the contrary, he appeared to be very pleased that he was “finally trashed” by the Presidential candidate.

He then went on to say that he would gladly #sendDonaldtospace with Amazon’s Blue Origin rocket. The message was accompanied by a video showing the historic rocket landing of Blue Origin and the preparations that astronomers have made before and after the event.

Needless to say, Amazon’s CEO quickly won his followers’ sympathy. Most of them posted funny messages in response to the Trump-Bezos feud asking the CEO to get just a one-way ticket for the political candidate. Others even suggested to make Trump the president of the Moon.

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