Amazon’s Parent Dashboard Allows Parents to Track their Kids’ Activities

Child with tablet

Amazon made it easier for parents to monitor their children with Parent Dashboard

Amazon released a new feature which will allow parents to keep track of what their children do while they are using their tablets. The feature is called Parent Dashboard and it basically registers what is being accessed on any device which has Amazon Fire for Kids installed.

If you installed Amazon Fire for Kids on your child’s tablet, then Parent Dashboard will present the apps that your kid is using the most, what he is reading, and also what he prefers to watch. This allows you to have a better control of the things that your kid is allowed to access, and make sure that he does not end up somewhere where he shouldn’t be.

Parent Dashboard allows you to be more active with your children

Besides the restrictive feature of Parent Dashboard, it also parents to strengthen the relationship with their kids. By finding out what they are interested in, parents can start conversations on the subject and show their children that they want to be part of their life and support their interests.

To encourage these conversations, Parent Dashboard also offers discussion cards. Based on what their children enjoys, it offers parents several suggestions of topics they can bring about related to the shows or books the children like. These discussion cards are available for games, books, videos, or apps offered by Amazon Fire for Kids.

Kurt Beidler, the director of the Kids and Family department of Amazon, explained what offered the inspiration for this feature. He found out from parents that they wanted to be more involved with their children and to be able to trust them with the tablets. Thus, they can remotely supervise their children and be more active as parents.

How does the feature work?

When you open Parent Dashboard, it presents the profile of your child. You may create more profiles for all your children, if you have more devices with Amazon Fire for Kids installed. The profile contains reports for each day where they show how much time the kid spent on certain apps, watching certain videos or reading books.

If you choose one of these, the feature opens the actual app or video that the kid uses. Afterwards, the feature offers you some information on the thing you selected, and recommends discussion cards. You can also look what your child did up to 90 days before, to see if he has any preferences.

This feature might seem a bit intruding, but it offers parents a better control of what their children read or watch, and it also allows them to create a stronger bond with them and show them they are interested in what they like.
Image Source: Pixabay