Amazon Celebrates 10 Years of Kindle with Audible Support on the Oldest Version of the Reader

Person reading from a Kindle while drinking tea

On its 10th anniversary, the first Kindle version gets audible support

Amazon thinks people are spending too much time looking at screens, so it decided our eyes deserve a break. Therefore, they will soon allow us to have one screen less on our list of indispensable devices, by giving the basic version of Kindle audible support. This way, we will be able to enjoy our favorite books while putting our eyes to rest.

Amazon has just announced the update, which applies even to the simplest version of the popular e-book reader Kindle.  The audible support should be coming sometime during the next months, as the company hasn’t revealed an official date yet. However, the update doesn’t come alone.

The audible support comes hand in hand over 375,000 audiobooks, as well as magazines or newspapers you can also listen to. Your Kindle will also be able to stream radio shows, and all you need to do is to activate the Bluetooth. This will send the audio content directly to your speakers or headphones.

The audible support will be available on the oldest Kindle version

The support is not actually a novelty, as some of the older Kindle versions also had it. However, Amazon decided to remove it, and it remained available only for the latest version of the e-book reader, Oasis. The company reconsidered this decision, and thought it should bring it to the earliest model. The Paperwhite and Voyage devices won’t have it at the moment, but this decision might soon change.

However, keep in mind that Kindle readers do not have any headphone jacks or speakers. Therefore, you need Bluetooth-powered equipment to listen to the audio content supported by the device, so you cannot enjoy it directly on your reader.

This year, Amazon celebrated 10 years of Kindle. Therefore, most readers, as well as many e-books received significant discounts. Many of the offers for readers have already been finished, but you can still buy e-books at 80 percent of their initial prices.
Image Source: Pexels