Julie Reid Became Allergic to Her Own Sweat and Tears


Allergies have been around for ages. Some people are born with a certain condition, or just acquire one over time, and they just can’t process certain foods or elements in the environment. While in the past some allergies could mean certain death, today we’re lucky enough to live in an era of constant development.

And while some allergies are fatal, thanks to modern medicine they can be easily prevented with the help of certain pharmaceuticals, certain procedures, or even by avoidance. But these are most allergies. Some forms of allergies are completely unavoidable and can make your life a living hell.

Something like this happened to a 28-year-old woman living in Florida. One day, all of a sudden, Julie Reid became allergic to her own sweat and tears. She claims that the hypersensitive skin condition ruined her life, as she can’t really do anything without breaking out into hives and red blotches throughout her entire body.

Until about three years ago, Julie was leading a fulfilling, satisfying life, teaching dance in the Clearwater area and working at a gymnastics center. She used to be physically active every day until she woke up one morning covered in red splotches and hives. That is when her life began to crumble, according to the 28-year-old.

She was diagnosed with cholinergic urticarial, a fairly common condition that renders you allergic to your own sweat and tears. There are treatments, but they are fairly expensive, and seeing as her two jobs made her sweat quite a bit, Julie had to quit her job and can no longer afford the treatments.

According to her, she has gained around one hundred pounds in the past three years, as she can no longer exercise. Julie says that she has even developed agoraphobia, afraid to go out of the house because of the way people look at her as her skin begins to redden with every drop of sweat.

She even breaks out into hives when she attempts to take a shower, as the heat from the water causes her to sweat. Understandably, she has reached the lowest pits of depression, as she says that she looks like a monster and that she sees no way out of her current predicament. She is absolutely hopeless.

Julie has repeatedly attempting doing something about her condition, like applying for social security disability benefits, but since the condition isn’t all that rare judges refuse to see it as a disability. Still, she can’t do anything except wallow in self-pity, as she is too depressed and emotionally damaged to even attempt getting out of the house.

In the meanwhile, she is attempting two things via her blog – to raise money for her treatment and to raise awareness about the condition. On a day to day basis she doesn’t really do much but document her journey on her website and stay in bed and cry. Julie has long since abandoned hope that she will actually raise money for her treatment, but she is still attempting to do so, more out of habit than anything else.

Image source: New York Daily News