Aliens Might Not Be Much Different than Us (Study)

Alien world with mountains and an UFO

Movies, series, sci-fi literature and even cartoons have depicted aliens in a certain way over the years. So, if you expect them to be green, tall, lanky, with a big head and eyes, you are not the only one. However, a new study, which the International Journal of Astrobiology recently published might change the universal opinion on how aliens actually look like. The main idea is that those extraterrestrial beings might not be so different than us as we think.

In this study, experts from the University of Oxford have managed to show for the first time how the evolutionary theory that we all know might also apply to aliens. By using it, the researchers think that we can might be able to better understand them and their behavior. It seems like aliens have evolved in a similar way with us. Also, that things like natural selection also played a big role in their evolution.

Humans and aliens might have a lot of things in common

According to the study, extraterrestrial life forms go through almost the same evolutionary processes which make them more adaptable and stronger, so that they can survive. According to Sam Levin, a researcher at Oxford, astrobiologists have always tried to understand how life on other planets might be like. The problem is that we don’t have many examples to base our predictions on. Only one, and that is our own life.

So, this paper takes a different approach. It ignores Earth’s details and mechanisms and tries to make predictions on alien life based on the evolutionary theory that we know. So, these predictions will also work if the aliens are made of other things, breathe other gases and might even not have DNA.

With this in mind, we can argue that aliens also have species complexity, just like us. It may be some time before we will finally meet one, but right now, we can only assume how they look like.

Image source: pixabay