Alcatel Starts the New Year With a Series of Affordable Mobile Devices

alcatel-pixi-3-tabletAlcatel starts the new year with a series of affordable mobile devices. The French producer Alcatel OneTouch is planning to present some of its newest gadgets at CES 2016 held in Nevada later this week. The company will unveil its tablet running on Windows 10 and called PIXI 3 along with a series of Android-based smart phones and the GPS-built in watch intended to help people track their children’s location.

The upcoming tech event will begin on Wed and various device producers have been said to bring new gadgets that make their debut at the respective occasion. Alcatel OneTouch could not miss this major chance to present their new items themselves.

Interestingly, the one gadget that will surely get the customers’ interest will be its 8” PIXI tablet that operates on Windows 10 instead of the widely used Android operating system. Since it is only a pre-release, the producer did not disclose many details about the gadget like its inner specifications and functions, but only provided some fairly brief information.

Tech sources noticed that the product incorporates voice-call activation, GPS and a pair of cameras. Alcatel OneTouch states that its tablet will arrive with Qualcomm chipsets that will make it 4G network suitable.

The other known function of the upcoming gadget is its usability as a smart TV remote, in a similar way to PIXI 8’s features. Finally, this Windows 10-based tablet is rumored to have personalized color themes and arrives with optional stand covers.

The producer says that its mobile device will also have entry-level models, which implies that it will not be a costly system. However, Alcatel has not stated when the new PIXI 3 tablet will be launched on the international market, for now being only limited to particular selling regions.

In the smart phone department, the producer will be presenting its new PIXI 4 series of Android-powered devices. Once again, specifications for the gadgets were not offered to the public. The only clear details about these mobile phones are their specific display dimensions: 3.5-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch designs.

Furthermore, Alcatel will add a 7” tablet and all these gadgets are presented as being top quality entry-level items. Lastly, Alcatel will be displaying the watches in its modern CareTime Children line. These wearable themselves have a GPS monitoring system that can notice parents via their smart phones if their kid is coming into or getting out of a predetermined secure area.

All CareTime Children watches come with a dedicated application available for Android 4.4 and up and iOS 7 or newer, where people can set their own secure areas for their children. What is most useful about the wearable is that they allow people to send texts or call their children at any time and without additional steps.

Their kid can even respond to only ten pre-set connections, besides making calls to just five authorized numbers. The watches’ battery power is stated to last up to three days and these wearable will be sold in the European countries and America starting from April.

Image source: Cbsistatic