Alaska Dentist Extracts Tooth from Patient While Riding a Hoverboard


A dentist from Alaska filmed himself extracting a tooth from a patient while on a hoverboard

A dentist from Alaska was accused that he extracted a tooth from a patient while riding a hoverboard. The law officials stumbled upon a video of the incident while they were investigating the dentist’s case, who had been charged with Medicaid fraud.

An investigation disclosed video evidence of the unusual dental practice

Seth Lookhart, dentist at Clear Creek Dental, was initially suspected of fraud, so the police officers opened an investigation. In the end, the dentist was charged with 17 counts of Medicaid fraud, as he sedated patients who needed no anesthetic and billed the institution $1.8 million.

While the investigation was in progress, the police discovered video footage of the unorthodox practice. They brought up this evidence in court against Lookhart on Wednesday. Thus, apart from fraud, the dentist was also charged for these dangerous acts which were against the law.

The prosecutors think that Lookhart recorded himself on purpose during the unhealthy practice and shared the video with friends just for entertainment. Thus, he was deemed irresponsible and was forbidden to leave the country.

Lookhart also owns a dental clinic in Brazil and is enjoying quite an impressive fortune. To increase his income, he resorted to unlawful techniques on his patients. The police found that he administered IV sedation to all patients, regardless of the type of anesthesia they actually needed.

IV sedation should only be administered in emergencies

Medicaid offers $170.76 for a IV sedation of 15 minutes, and the price for the nitrous oxide is $57. The law allows the administering of such sedation only in the case of an emergency. Still, Lookhart obtain almost $2 million from Medicaid for IV sedations only over the course of 2016.

The other defendant in this fraud case is Shauna Cranford, who worked as the office manager of Clear Creek Dental. She admitted in front of the court that she came up with the idea of this scam. Lookhart hesitated at the beginning and did not want to be part of it. Then, as he saw that his business was not flourishing, he agreed on the scam.

The patients made their job easier, as they agreed to feel no pain and be sedated for any procedure. Therefore, it was not hard for them to popularize this illegal practice. Thus, they came to receive $436,000 per month from Medicaid.
Image Source: Flickr