Aircraft Passengers Witness the Southern Lights

Southern lights

A plane from New Zealand went on an eight-hour trip just to allow its passengers to witness the Southern Lights

Several passengers embarked on an eight-hour flight with a charter plane from Dunedin, New Zealand, just to witness the Southern Lights. On March 23rd, they left on a beautiful journey above Antarctica, where they could enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aurora Australis.

An experience of a lifetime

This wonderful idea came to Ian Griffin, the director of Otago Museum. Griffin is also an astronomer, and he admitted that the idea came to him after he flew aboard a NASA plane. During the flight, he was able to see the Southern Lights and remained profoundly impressed.

Therefore, he decided to organize a special flight only for the witnessing of the Southern Lights. Only after five days, all the 134 seats of a Boeing 767 were already taken. Griffin decided to only sell the seats situated right next to the window and those immediately adjacent to them. The seats from the aisle were left unoccupied, so that everybody should be able to enjoy the view.

He wanted to take this opportunity and give everybody the chance to have the experience of their lifetime. He wanted that as many people as possible should see the “green streaky river in the sky”, as he described the lights.

Everybody was stunned by the amazing view

Passengers were, of course, excited by the idea, so they fought to get a ticket on the Southern Lights plane. Nick Wong, one of the people who were aboard the plane, said that he had found a similar idea online in 2016. Back then, he decided that he should look further and not miss any opportunity to see the Southern Lights.

Many people declared that they still want to see the Northern Lights, too. These are most popular since they appear in more populated areas, so they are more accessible. However, the Southern Lights offer a similar view and even prove more special, since people do not get the chance to see them so often.

The plane flew at 60 degrees southern latitude. Thus, people could enjoy the view of Aurora Australis for five hours. Such an experience is unique, and everybody who has the opportunity to see any auroras should not hesitate to do so.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons