U.S. Air Force and SpaceX Plan to Launch More Used Rockets into Space

SpaceX's Falcon 9

The U.S. Military Air Force and SpaceX plan to launch satellites into orbit by using already used rockets

SpaceX and the U.S. military are planning to perform new missions into space. What is special about them is that they are planning to do this aboard some used rockets. Such attempts bring many advantages, as they come with smaller costs for the launching and bring more chances of space exploration.

General John Raymond, the leader of Air Force Space Command, is glad that they can engage in exploration missions in space and still save a tremendous amount of money. This collaboration which would bring SpaceX’s used ships back on the orbit is one of the bravest attempts in the last few years.

When asked if he was afraid about reusing older spacecrafts, General Raymond showed no concern. He did not doubt the capabilities of these rockets. Since they were able to perform flawless flights the first time, there is no reason why they should be degraded now.

In fact, he supports this initiative of sending used rockets back into space. All spaceships which made a safe return from their previous trips into space should not be abandoned. Thus, they will be able to cut a lot of costs and use the saved money for other urgent purposes.

Scientists aim to use such older rockets to send satellites into space. The first attempt of the kind was made by SpaceX on March 30th. With Falcon 9, a spacecraft developed by NASA which they used a year before, they were able to launch a satellite on the orbit of Earth.

The mission was a success and proved that there is no danger in launching used rockets into space. This prompted the U.S. Air Force to want to start a collaboration with SpaceX. Thus, they decided that other Falcon 9 rockets will be carrying satellites for global positioning into space.

However, this might not happen too soon. SpaceX did not announce that they were planning to launch another rocket in the near future, but the U.S. military officers are patient. They made sure that SpaceX had all the necessary technology to assure a safe trip for the used rockets.

Moreover, they also equipped the Falcon 9 rockets with special system which would destroy them if they face any problems. Therefore, they are close to implementing a solution to reduce the space travel costs and recycle technology.
Image Source: Flickr