China Aims To Become World Leader In AI Development By 2030

china aims to become world leader in ai development

China’s new plan aims to make the country a world leader in AI technology

On Thursday, China’s State Council released a three-step program that aims to set the country as a world leader in Artificial Intelligence development by 2030. China expects to use the AI in the military as well as in city planning. In addition, the program sets to bring the AI industry’s worth up to a trillion yuan – that is $147.7 billion dollars.

China’s Plans Regarding AI development

According to a translation, the document states that “Artificial intelligence has become a new engine of economic development”. The first step sees China developing new technology that will encompass AI theory until 2020. These systems will be implemented in basic software and devices. The development of AI technology will also bring changes to ethics policies and the country’s economy.

The second step covers the next five years, during which China will achieve a breakthrough in AI technology that will lead to the upgrading of industry and economy.

And finally, in the next five years, China will have become the world leader in AI technology, in an industry that is expected to grow to a trillion yuan. Once it reaches this stage, China will seek to commercialize the technology in order to build smart cities. However, the military uses of this technology bring concerns to the Pentagon.

Advancements in AI Technology Might Bring Disruptions

Despite the enthusiasm for smart technology, top CEOs such as Elon Musk and Alibaba’s Jack Ma warn against the potential danger these technologies pose to society and the world economy. AI technology is a major threat to basic human jobs. If it were to replace humans, then there will be a need for a shift in the universal income strategy, warns Musk. Ma also stated that there might more “pain” in the future due to AI technology as opposed to happiness.

While the Chinese government recognizes the issue, the plan will move forward. The government vows to develop the technology responsibly and take into consideration this risk.

Image source: Flickr.